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The winner is James O. from Cleavland, OH. Wheeling Island Hotel- Casino- Racetrack presented James a check on Sunday for the amount of $100,000. The date was November22, 2009 after the Final round of Wheeling Island’s signature Slot Tournament event.

James was the first game finalist to place points on the board and kept his lead for most of the 5 minute tournament. During the 2nd minute of play Dixie Q. from Somerset, OH passed James but James was able to regain his lead all thru until he brought home the grand prize of $100,000!
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Wheeling Island’s Hotel Casino Racetrack

has confirmed on Thursday Feb 5th 77 jobs were eliminated from the casino workforce. There were 43 positions that were affected by the job cuts. This is a result of slot players continuing to stay home in Pennsylvania.

The Island’s Casino is Open, no worry, most jobs cut have been management or supervisory personal. For those of you that do enjoy a get away with a Casino environment then Wheeling Island’s Casino and Racetrack President and General Manager Jim Simms will continue to provide Pennsylvania with a local Casino fun spot.

Wheeling Island is in the News.

This local news story about Poker becoming legal in the State of West Virginia. Wheeling Island casino will increase the need for Hotels and lodging on the Island.

This is really cool for Poker on the Island.


A very interesting interview about Gambling Stories at Wheeling Island.

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Wheeling Island has good Stories for many.

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Where do our Wheeling visitors come from?

The map shows todays visitors of Wheeling West Virginia’s

Visitor Map

Welcome to Wheeling Island.

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